Micro Balance

Micro Balances - CM SERIES
Our Micro Balances has been designed to meet high requirement for measuring small masses with high readability (d = 1 mg). They are equipped with graphic display/with user menu.

In order to guarantee proper accuracy of measurement, a half automatic system of external calibration with E 1 standard weight has been applied.

Micro balance consist of two balance components. One of them contains electronic modules & other precise mechanical measuring system. Such solution guarantees elimination of temperature changes influencing the indication micro balance. 

Micro balances series CM ore offered with 4 capacity 2gm, 5gm, 11gm & 21gm (with readability 1 mg) balances are equipped with esthetic, cylindrical shaped weighing chamber with glass draft shield. All elements of weighing chamber ore manufacture from glass or metal which minimize the influence of electro-static charges on weighing result. Micro Balance equipped with user friendly menu User has access to multiple functions & measuring units which allow for specification for working requirements. Micro Balances software allows for composition of GLP procedures as standard printout freely definable non-standard printout series.

Balances CM is equipped with RS 232, PS 2 o/p & possibility of connecting additional display as standard.

  • Specialized Large Backlite Alpha numeric LCD Display with A.E.P. (Advance Eye Protection) New.
  • Standard RS 232 interface / USB.
  • Inbuilt system of internal calibration with initial calibration
  • Auto calibration according to change in ambient temperature.
  • User selected time calibration
  • Various application other than just simple.
  • Weighing like
  • % Weighig
  • Filling
  • Check Weighing
  • Statistic
  • Complies to GLP / GMP
  • Automatic Zero Tracking features (can be turned OFF by menu code).
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