Vantage 3D Assays

The nCounter® Vantage 3D™ Assay portfolio is powered by 3D Biology™ Technology enabling you to profile combinations of DNA, RNA, and protein targets up to 800-plex from a single sample. Designed for flexibility, you can select the right panel for each analyte type and profile all three at once with the nCounter® Analysis System and nSolver™ software. Multi-analyte pre-matched assays are available to simplify your selection and provide curated content for specific research areas, including Immuno-Oncology, Solid Tumor, and Lung Tumor Profiling.

DNA Panels RNA Panels Protein Panels
Solid Tumor
Adaptive Immunity
Cancer Metabolism
Cellular Profiling
Cellular Signaling
DNA Damage and Repair
Innate Immunity
MAPK-PI3K Pathways
WNT Pathways
Leukemia Gene Fusion
Lung Gene Fusion
Immune Cell Profiling for cell suspensions
Immune Cell Signaling for cell suspensions
Solid Tumor for Lysate
Solid Tumor for FFPE
Heme for Lysate*
Heme for FFPE*
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