Protein Assays

nCounter® Vantage 3D™ Protein Assay

Designed with 3D Biology™ technology, Vantage 3D Protein Assays provide multiplex, digital quantification of total and phospho-protein expression from limited sample. Our content is designed with a biology-driven approach to ensure comprehensive protein profiling focused on your research needs. Vantage 3D Protein Assays are compatible with a wide range of sample types and can be run as protein-only assays or in combination with other Vantage 3D RNA and DNA assays for multi-analyte profiling solutions.

  • Multiplex protein profiling from a single sample (up to 33-plex)
  • Validated workflows for cell suspensions, fresh/frozen tissue, and FFPE
  • Requires as few as 20,000 cells, 250 ng protein, or one FFPE slide
  • High concordance with gold standard protein analysis techniques
  • Multi-analyte analysis when combined with other Vantage 3D Assays
  • Simple, integrated data analysis, eliminating the need for a bioinformatician
  • All panels are customizable with up to 3 additional protein targets of interest

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