DNA Assays

nCounter® DNA Assays simplify multiplexing of genetic and copy number variation (CNV) while providing precise, accurate, and robust results. These assays are highly optimized for robust performance on FFPE samples to fully understand the amplification and mutational status. With the shortest hands-on time of any DNA analysis platform, the nCounter® Analysis System is ideal for translation and routine screening applications.

nCounter® Vantage 3D™ DNA SNV Assays profiling mutational status:

  • Tumor-specific panels for Research Use Only (US)
  • Built-in internal controls for amplification cycle and false discovery rates (FDRs)
  • Detects single nucleotide variants (SNVs), dinucleotide variants, and small InDels

nCounter® DNA CNV Assays profiling amplification status:

  • Custom and cancer-specfic panels
  • Internal controls including invariant genomic regions and spike-in process controls
  • Analyzes 0–4 bi-allelic and multi-allelic CNVs
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