Plasmid & DNA Fragments Kit

Preparations of DNA fragments (e.g. PCR fragments, gel bands, or plasmids) are required in many applications in molecular biology. The MSB product portfolio offers multiple benefits for this application based on the advantages of non-chaotropic chemistry. 


  • convenient and fast sample processing
  • the most efficient removal of contaminants
  • high recovery rate of PCR products or DNA fragments
  • broad range of fragment sizes 80 bp - 30 kb can be purified

Kit Overview

Sample Source Recommended Kit Sample Volume Yield
PCR products, 
ligation reaction mixture, 
enzyme digestion mixture, 
cDNA synthesis mixture, 
cycle sequencing reaction mixture
MSB Spin PCRapace
Invisorb Fragment CleanUp
up to 100 μl 80 - 95 % *
Highly contaminated DNA, DNA fragments and PCR products Invisorb DNA CleanUp up to 200 μl 60 - 85 % *
Agarose gels (TAE, TBE) Invisorb Spin DNA Extraction
Invisorb Fragment CleanUp
up to 400 mg gel slices 70 - 90 % **

* dependent on fragment length

** dependent on fragment length and kind of agarose gel

The purification procedure has been optimized to remove salts, enzymes, nucleotides, mineral oil, agarose, ethidium bromide and other impurities from DNA samples. Specialized binding buffers promote selective adsorption of DNA fragments and PCR products. The pure DNA is eluted in a small volume of buffer or water, ready to use for any subsequent application.

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