NP80 Spectrophotometer

NanoPhotometer NP80

Best in µ-volume and cuvette


  • All-In-One

    The power and precision of standard spectroscopy and microvolume combined with the convenience of a lightweight portable instrument with a built-in 7 inch LCD glove compatible touchscreen and flexible unit control options. Built-in vortex provides sample uniformity for the highest degree of accuracy with the smallest sample volume with as little as 0.3 µl. Illuminated quartz sample surface allows for easy sample application.


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  • Stand-Alone Operation

    No computer required. Built-in Computer with high performance quad core Q7 1 GHz processor and 32 GB of onboard memory provide powerful and easy storage of methods and data.

  • Mobile Design

    Spectroscopy can now be taken anywhere with the small size of 20x20x12 cm and from 3.8 – 5.2 kg depending on configuration. Mobility is redefined with an optional built-in battery pack for up to 10 hours of stand-alone operation.

  • Accurate

    The patented Sample Compression TechnologyTM keeps the liquid samples shaped into a precisely defined flat layer of even thickness. Microvolume spectrophotometers, similar to microscope instrumentation, have a very narrow region within which they focus. Exact geometry with a precise path-length, therefore, is of utmost importance. Sample Compression TechnologyTM has the added benefit of holding the sample in place and free from evaporation in a sealed and protected micro-environment allowing for reliable protein measurements and for the analysis of samples in volatile solvents. 

  • Certainty in Real Time

    Sample Control™ - the leading edge quality control technology to identify air bubbles, sample impurities, turbidity, lint residue and potential contaminations. Sample Control™ monitors handling characteristics and sample qualiEndless Connectivity

  • Equipped with Wi-Fi, USB A/B, HDMI and LAN interface connections for flexible instrument control and data saving options. Front USB flash drive port for quick and easy data transfer.



  • Flexible Unit Control

    Mobile and easy control of the NanoPhotometer® is possible via Wi-Fi from tablets or smartphones (Android OS & iOS). Easy control from PCs (Windows & Mac) with fast and flexible connection options including Wi-Fi, USB and LAN.


  • Fast & Maintenance Free

    Turn on and instantly measure without lamp warm up time. Full scan capability range from 200-900 nm for rapid and complete sample analysis in as little as 3.5 seconds. True Path Technology™ covers the extensive dynamic range with two precisely defined path lengths. The sealed mechanical setup has two fixed anchor points that are not changing over the lifetime of the instrument. No recalibration is necessary, Implen guarantees lifetime accuracy.


  • Confidence with Blank Control™

    Be sure that your data are precise with Implen’s unique Blank Control™ feature. Blanks with high background or residues from previous users are the main cause for inaccurate readings. Blank Control™ will protect you from wasting time and precious sample on inaccurate readings caused by high background blanks or inappropriate cleaning.


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