C40 Spectrophotometer

  • Mobile Design

    Spectroscopy can now be taken anywhere. The optional integrated battery pack provides up to 10 hours of stand-alone battery powered operation. 

  • Cuvette Holder with Temperature Control

    Designed for open measurements: don’t lose time with closing a lid for each reading. Ideal for all UV/Vis spectroscopy applications including kinetics. Cuvette holder optimized for all standard cuvettes (quartz, glass and plastic) with a center height of 8.5 mm 

  • Rapid Scan Capability

    Turn on and instantly measure without lamp warm-up time. Full scan capability from 200 - 900 nm provides rapid and complete sample analysis in only 3.5 seconds. 

  • Processing Power

    Built-in computer with a high performance dual core Q7 quad core 1 GHz processor and 32 GB of onboard memory provides powerful analysis and easy storage of methods and data.


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